What are the different steps involved in creating an electronic lease?

Click on “Create a new lease” , located in your “My Leases” dashboard. Fill out all the sections of your new lease.

Section A

  1. Landlord Information: enter your information
  2. Tenant Information: fill in your Tenant’s information
    1. A maximum of 4 tenants may be registered in the lease
    2. Enter the current address of the Tenant
      • WARNING: e-mail is essential for the electronic signature request

Section B

  1. Fill in the information of the rental dwelling
    1. Address
    2. Accessories and dependencies

Section C

  1. Specify the term of the lease

Section D

  1. Enter the amount of the rent and the terms of payment

Section E

  1. Specify services and conditionsNOTE: It is possible to use the CORPIQ regulations model and deselect irrelevant clauses and easily add new clauses. It is also possible to upload your own regulations.

Section F

  1. Specify the details of a new construction or change of use

Section G

  1. Specify the lowest rent for the last 12 months

Section H

  1. Preparation for signature and Guarantor

Section I

  1. If necessary, enter the name of the spouse(s)


  1. Complete the necessary elements of the annex

Additional documents

  1. Adding documents to the leaseWARNING the documents must be in pdf format.If necessary, obtain the required signatures on your documents before uploading them.


  1. Please review and ensure that all information is correct.WARNING this is your last chance to make changes.
  2. Confirm your acceptance of the terms of use

Production of the lease

  1. Check the availability of credits to generate the lease
  2. It is possible for you to top up your credits at this stageWARNING: Once generated it is no longer possible to make changes and no refund will be possible.

Have the lease signed

  1. There are two methods of signing the lease:
    1. The handwritten signature, once your lease is concluded, it is possible to print it and then obtain the signature(s)of the tenant(s).
    2. The electronic signature, to avoidhaving to go back and forth or travel, we give you the opportunity to sign it electronically. The process of signing digital documents with the Notarius’ solution is compliant and accepted by the Tribunal administratif du logement.

The final step is the production of the Lease. This stage produces the final lease with all signatures.

Other questions? Consult the FAQ