What are the advantages of using ProprioLocation?

ProprioLocation offers an exhaustive list of features that facilitate your rental management. The connectivity between the Rental Application, ProprioEnquête and the Electronic Lease allows you to avoid unnecessary transcription: information is transferred from one tool to the other to simplify your work!

The Rental Application

  • A free tool and easy to use
  • Make a rental application 100% online
  • Avoid unnecessary intermediaries
  • Complete the Rental Application with an electronic signature



  • Obtain the results of a credit investigation, instantly and at any time (24/7).
  • Tribunal administratif du logement record check
  • Civil and criminal record check
  • Rental references (current and previous)
  • Employment confirmations (current and previous)
  • Overall credit score
  • Level of indebtedness
  • Monthly payment history (last 3 years)
  • Details of all accounts (including bankruptcies and collections)
  • Comparison between applicants (by region, landlord or building)
  • Preferential rate for CORPIQ members


Electronic Lease

  • Create a lease from the Rental Application, without transcribing the candidate’s information
  • Expert advice on the different sections of the lease to facilitate the filling of the lease
  • Integrated electronic signature, verified and certified by our partner Notarius
  • Legally valid document
  • Exclusive CORPIQ supplementary annexes
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and reliable, traceability at all times
  • Email alerts for tracking status (pending, signed, to be concluded, concluded)
  • Meets the latest standards of mobile compatibility
  • Preferential rate for CORPIQ members


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